Jersey Fists is an alternate to the NYC and Philadelphia area fisting parties - Get a great experience with like minded men without the tolls, parking, subways and hassles of a big city right here in NJ.  In Central Jersey, the parites are centrally located in a Hotel Suite in Linden, NJ.  At Jersey Fists, everyone plays!  Leave all attitude and drama in your car - once inside, get naked and enjoy yourself!  Wear nothing at all, wear a jock, or fetsih wear.  At least three slings and a matress await you at each party.  Got your own sling or fuck-bench - bring it along - we are all here to share in the art of ass fisting!  From Virgin to Experienced and in between, our parties are the ones you want to be at.


Question: Why is there NO SMOKING or NO DRUGS Allowed at the party?

Answer: Quite a few of our members are "Professional People" - Meaning they work a Corporate Job that has drug testing at anytime.  Therefore, even though regulations have been relaxed, people can still lose thier jobs if they test postivie for cannabis or any other party drug such as meth.  That is why the two biggest rules are NO SMOKING and NO DRUGS.  (Poppers are fine)  For those of you that wish to do your drugs, please visit - plenty of that can be found there.


Gentlemen: Whether you TOP or Bottom, please put a pad on the sling your using, and also put a pad or paper towels on the floor - lube can be very slippery and we don't want anyone lube skating! Clean up after yourself's!


Question: What is the age range?

Answer: 18 to 80. We believe at 18 you are a consenting adult.


Question: What kind of body types attend?

Answer:  All kinds - some skinny, some bears, some chubbs, whatever - Gay Men really need to stop the body shamming bullshit.  We all can't go to the gym seven days a week and work out.


Question:  What's the cost?

Answer:  The door fee is $35.00 - We are >NOT< in the business to make money here.  Remember, the Host has to rent the hotel suite for y'all to have a good time, plus the host also purchases pads (which have gone up 55 percent), water and snacks, we only ask that you help cover that.


Question: What are the Party Hours?

Answer: The party goes from 2PM until 9 PM - We ask that you arrive early enough to play.  There are times that parties will go beyond 9 PM if there is a crowd of folks still playing. 


Question: Is there a place to touch up?


Answer: Yes, please bring your own nozzle and a towel.  There is one bathroom, please do not hog it up.


Question: What do I need to bring?

Answer:  If your a Top - a great attitude and be willing to fist ass!  Versitile and Bottoms - A CLEAN ASS and a great attitude.  You need to bring your own lube and please do not share lube.   Paper towels and pads are provided, but if you can donate some, all the better. If you plan on showering or doing a touch-up, please bring your own towel.


Question:  What about snacks and beverages:

Answer:  We supply snacks and bottled water.  If you have a favorite drink, bring it along.  Fridge/Freezer/Microwave in Suite.


Question: I am traveling from out of state, is there a place to stay?

Answer: This is a working hotel.  They don't take reservations however, it is first come, first serve.  Other hotels are nearby with the Average cost of $90 per night.


Question: How far are you from the Airport?

Answer: From EWR (Newark) the hotel is about five miles from the airport.  You can cab or uber to the motel. 

NJ Transit's Linden Rail Station is one mile away from the hotel, you can either walk this or cabs are available at the train station.


Question:  How come you only have the party at The Swan? I heard that the place is old and a dump.

Answer:  The Hotel is old and operates as a CASH Business but is maintained and as of January 1, 2024 they have began renovations.  Your not checking into the Ritz Carlton honey!  First, the Suites are not viewable by the front desk, so coming to and from and BRINGING in stuff such as slings and other fetish equipment is not being watched by the front desk - All other hotels I have been to that have Suites (Embassay for example) you have to walk past the front desk!  So if you want to be questioned on what you doing, that's the issue.   With The Swan, while they have CCTV, no one bothers you and they know that suites are used for parties, there aren't that stupid!   Unless you can find a hotel that has connecting rooms and would'nt mind a party with sexual noises and music, The Swan is where it's at for now.   I always have an open mind - so if you want to discuss it, feel free, and lastly your always welcome to host your own party.


Question: Why are parties only on Saturday Afternoon/Evening?

Answer: We tried Friday Night and allot of people bitched it was too late for them or they were too tired from working all day. Sunday's seemed to be the day that everyone was busy with family or it was a day to get ready for the new week.  Therefore, Saturday was picked and has been succesful so far.


Question: What goes into planning a party?

Answer:  ALLOT !!! First, the dates, then shopping for the party (Water, Snacks, Pads, Paper Towels), getting people with slings, getting the room and getting it ready for slings to arrive, getting materials into the room, setup and then the guests come - Once the party gets going ensuring that everyone is mingiling and having a good time, Making sure supplies are easy to get.   During the party,  CLEANING UP AFTER THOSE WHO DO NOT (hint, hint).  Once the party is done  we are breaking down all the equipment, resetting the furntiure back to normal, taking out the trash and loading back up the vehicles that brought all the equipment.  It takes about 2 hours to setup and about 2 hours to tear down - any help is appreciated !!  Before you complain about a party ask yourself "Could I have done better?" - If the answer is YES, have you own, if your answer is NO, enjoy what you have.  I don't make any money on these parties usually by the time it's all said and done, I am in the red.  


Are you ready to come to a party now?  - Check out the party link and when you ready to come to a party, click on the register link!