Before you register, there are some guidelines:


A. Absolutley NO SMOKING of any kind.  Please use your vape pen in the bathroom with the exhaust fan on.

B. Absolutley NO DRUGS (Poppers are fine)

C. Absolutley NO WOMAN are permitted.  You must have a penis below the waist.  This is an ALL MALE party and a survey was taken by the members and 94% agreed on NO WOMAN are permitted at the party. Think of us as a bathhouse.

D. No Drama - Leave that all in the parking lot or in the car.

E. No Refunds.  If you register and don't come, you forfiet the fee.  Any Chargeback will bar you from attending.

F. NO PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO/USE OF PHONES - Unless all parties consent, do not take photos or videos of the action!

G. Read below about "Using Cash" - we perfer to be cashless at the door.


If you do not use a payment app such as Zelle, now is a good time to start using it. 


If you have no other way of paying, there will be $10 surcharge added to you entrance fee, meaning it will be $45 instead of $35 and you must inform us in advance.


Party Registration Link: