All parties are a drug-free event open to those who identify as men. Alcohol is not sold or available on the premises (BYOB). Asking for consent before any physical contact is the rule.


Voluntary Participation, Execution of Knowledge, Indemnity, Assumption of Risk, and Hold Harmless:


I am freely and voluntarily choosing to attend and participate in this party/event and to view and/or participate in activities that I know are adult oriented Sexual Fetishes. I understand that these activities involve certain risks including, but not limited to, STDS, HIV, Hepatatis or the possible negligent or reckless conduct of other participants. I have carefully read this document. I fully understand the contents. I am aware that by signing this document I release liability and bind a contract between the party host, the hotel property and myself. I am giving up my legal rights and remedies and as good and valuable consideration for admission to this event. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the party host and the hotel property and those individuals and entities described in this document, from any loss, liability, injury, damage or cost that they may occur or that they may incur due to my presence or my actions at the event, whether caused by my negligence or otherwise. I am aware that these activities can be extremely hazardous. I voluntarily am participating in these activities with full understanding of the hazards involved.

Once you register for a party you will receive an email confirmation after you have paid. On the day of the party between 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM you will receive an email with the room number, only those members that register and pay for the party will be provided the room number.


2024 Party Dates:


NOTE: Parties run from 2 PM until 10 PM


July 20
August 24
September 28
October 26
November 23
December - TBA


With the EXCEPTION of May and July, all parties are on the 4th Saturday of the month.
Mark your calendars and make your plane/train/reservations now. These are the final dates.