How Jersey Fists came to life


I had been to several local FF parties that were "OK".  The big problem with those parties were that they were fueled with "party favors aka drugs". Once everyone got the T and G in them, they became big old bottoms and laid on the bed in space. Once the drugs ran out, those folks left the building leaving just the host and a few others which just stayed in the room.  I didn't see any fun in this at all, just a bunch of guys so high they didn't even know what time it was and there was no water, no snacks, no nothing and the room was usually warm as when they all got high, they turned off the air conditioning.  This was NOT fun to me at all, along with several others and the party host would say "Why don't you have your own party" - So.......


Both myself and Robert Newton partnered together and we did just that!  Our first party was a Friday night party, the following month a Saturday Afternoon/evening party, then the following month a Sunday afternoon/evening party.  The best attendance was on Saturday Afternoon and with that input, we started the Saturday afternoon/evening party which was a success.  Jersey Fists was officially born in October 2021 and had a party every single month thereafter, and attendance was great, at least 15 guys showed up for each party, sometimes we even had 20 or 25 guys at a party.  Men played with Men and everyone left the party happy and I got rave reviews after each party.  Every single person that came to the party has said "Thank you for making the space non smoking and no drugs!!" It is proof that you don't need to get high to get a fist up your ass and if your high you should be fisting or getting fisted at all!  


Sadly the summer of 2022 we almost cancelled the July party, but paused for August and September with the monkeypox outbreak.  Our members once again thanked us "for doing the right thing" and closing up shop for a few months and in October of 2022, we had 34 guys, everyone was anxious to get back to play. 


In 2021, 2022 and 2023 we welcomed guests from as far west as Kentucky and Illinois, as far south as Washington, DC, and as far North as Albany, NY.  The word has gotten out and we have had several travlers get on planes, trains and even driving from DC to come for the day. 


We are a FF Fun club.  We like to play hard and have FF Fun as we do. 


As I say with each party invite - (A) Leave all drama in your car (B) come in, get naked and have fun and (c) clean up after yourself and (d) watch out for each other!  FF is a brotherhood!